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IMD at a glance

I.M.D. International Medical Devices S.p.A. is the parent company of the IMD Group, which operates in the MedTech sector and specialises in diagnostic imaging systems.

In particular, the group designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of diagnostic systems with X-ray technology as well as certain components for clinical applications in the radiology and medical fields.
The Group's activities are divided into two business areas:

X-Ray Generators

(through the company IMD Generators) is involved in the design, development, production and marketing of components for medical equipment with a product portfolio that includes, monoblocks, RX generators and control systems;

X-Ray Imaging Devices

(through the Technix and Intermedical companies) which refers to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of all medical equipment (analogue or digital and usable for different healthcare departments such as orthopaedic, urology, emergency rooms and operating theatres).


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Our History


Since 1981, we have been developing high-quality diagnostic solutions.

40 years of presence in the MedTech sector.

Thanks to a vertically integrated business model and ongoing research and development activities, IMD Group controls the entire value chain, ensuring the production of only high-quality products.

Thanks to its longstanding relationship with global medical device manufacturers, IMD Group positions itself as a market leader in the development of diagnostic imaging solutions based on X-ray technology.

Our History

YEAR 1981

Technix is founded as a company specialized in technical service and repair of X-ray equipment.

YEAR 1990

Aniello Aliberti acquires Technix and initiates a broader project that begins with strengthening research and development and internal production of medical systems.

YEAR 1993

The first mobile equipment with a 3.3 kW power rating is developed.

The first OEM contract (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is signed with Philips Medical Systems GmbH.

YEAR 1998

A.E.M. (now IMD Generator) is acquired, a company specialized in the production of X-ray monoblocks, ensuring greater flexibility in the supply of this component.

YEAR 2005

Launch of the first battery-powered mobile X-ray device (Practix Convenio) on the market.

YEAR 2007

Intensive research and development efforts lead to the production of the new mobile C-arm system of the TCA 6 series.

YEAR 2008

Acquisition of Intermedical Srl, expanding the X-ray equipment business.

YEAR 2010

INTERMEDICAL acquires 100% of Sias SpA.

YEAR 2011

Introduction of the first urology table (Genesis) to the market.

YEAR 2016

Viene sviluppata la serie TMB400 digitale motorizzata.

YEAR 2017

The DR 100 series is developed.

YEAR 2018

Group reorganization (IMD SpA holds all group companies) starting from today.

Technix surpasses 20,000 systems installed worldwide.

YEAR 2020

The Motorized Digital DR100s system is implemented.

IMD Generators acquires 100% of PSM, and subsequently, the two companies are merged through incorporation.

YEAR 2021

In July 2021, Technix becomes the first company in the radiology sector and the seventh in Italy to obtain MDR (Medical Device Regulation) certification.

The Mobile C-arm fluoroscopy system TCA 7 is developed.

YEAR 2023

The IMD Group initiates an IPO project with listing on the Euronext Growth Milan segment of Borsa Italiana to accelerate the growth project.

Diagnostic imaging solutions
based on X-ray technology

IMD Group's pillars


Since 1998, design and manufacturing of X-ray monoblocks and generators, along with their related control systems.

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Since 1981, it has been designing, developing, and manufacturing X-ray diagnostic systems, including mobile X-ray equipment, C-arm systems, and systems for urological applications.

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Since 1998, it has been designing, developing, and manufacturing X-ray diagnostic equipment for various clinical applications.

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I.M.D. International
Medical Devices S.p.A.

With over 40 years of experience in MedTech, IMD Group is engaged in the development, production, and distribution of a wide range of X-ray diagnostic systems for key clinical applications in the field of radiology.


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